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MUA ‘Heaven and Earth’ Eyeshadow Palette

The ‘Heaven and Earth’ palette is my favourite, I love the beige,brown and gold tones.

Each one of the colours has a shimmery effect and the fourth and sixth colour along the bottom row are slightly glittery too which adds a bit of sparkle to the range of colour in the palette.

The colours in this palette range from light beige to darker browns, there is a variety of colours which is great as it can suit different skin tones and they all blend well together. Most of the colours are quite neutral but as soon as you add a darker brown it can look very different!

The eyeshadows have a velvety touch and are highly pigmented, making them easy to apply. I used the brush applicator (which is very handy) to apply the eyeshadow and with a few strokes I had the desired colour.

The lighter shades can be worn during the day, and for the evening the golds and browns can be used for a brown ‘smokey eye’ look.

The eyeshadows are very delicate so do not apply too much pressure with the brush. 

I will be using this palette more often and would recommend it to anyone who likes these shades, you can do so many different eye makeup looks with this one palette as there is such variety! 

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