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MUA Trio Eyeshadow ‘Innocence’ ‘Blue Babe’ ‘Pink Sorbet’ ‘Smoke Screen’

These are some of the trio eyeshadow sets from the MUA collection.

Each one of these colours is highly pigmented and gives great colour. The texture of the eyeshadows is very smooth and some have a hint of metallic giving them great shine and reflection.

In most palettes there are three shades of one colour which all work well together and you are able to create many looks e.g. smoky eyes brown or grey/black. You can mix and match between the three colours and wear them day or night or wear them individually for a basic look. 

They all come with a handy eyeshadow brush with a thick or thin end for different applications. 


Innocence consists of a pearly white/beige colour which is quite faint when applied, a metallic light brown and a darker brown with a very slight purple/blue shimmer when the light hits the colour.


Pink sorbet, consists of three shades-a pale pink, which applies quite light with a shimmer of pink, a slightly darker shade and the third shade which I found had a slight purple pigment with shimmer and glitter. This trio palette is very girly and I would recommend it to any girl who loves pink!



I like this palette because of the high levels of pigment in the two shades of blue. All three colours blend well together. The lightest of all three shades has a golden tone and they all contain a slight shimmer.


This trio palette is the most common used for smoky eyes. The two darkest colours I found are very similar when I applied them - one has a slight dark blue pigment to it and the other has a grey glittery pigment causing them to blend well together. Even the white shimmery colour has a slight grey pigment to it which makes it easier to blend in with the other two colours. 

My favourite trio eye shadow is ‘Innocence’ I love these handy eyeshadow palettes and they come in a great variety of colours. 

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